Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Name In Progress: "Afternoon on the Nambu Line"

This is the sketch for a new painting which will be as large as my drafting table, which is all the space I currently have. I am already worried about the relatively small scale, because I tend to tighten up when painting less than XL. Also worried about the switch to acrylics, which I haven't bought yet. Not really sure where to start there- colors I can figure out; cadmium yellow, red, and an ultramarine blue, plus the old standby titanium white should do to start. Anything extra depends on budget. I have a feeling that, like everything else in Tokyo, art supplies cost a small fortune. But aside from colors and brushes, what mediums do I need? I still want to do the glazing techniques I was using before with oils, and mediums will be important for that, not just water. Water! It sounds so weird. Maybe I will open a bottle of turpentine while I work just so the smell is familiar.
Anyway, if I can successfully find the right supplies (i.e. read the packaging without spending 2 hours in the aisle with a dictionary) I will be on the way to recovering- finally- from my painting hiatus. To take such a long break, and then to switch to an unfamiliar method and materials... yeah, I'm nervous. But I'm excited about the subject for this piece. Gambarimasu!


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