Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thesis: DADA

In my own (thesis) work, I have chosen to embrace technology only to a limited extent; in part, because I hate working on a computer all day (and I can’t even imagine having someone else paint for me) and also because I feel that the artist’s touch is indeed one of the things which gives art its ultimate raison d’être. This reasoning was especially important when representing the man-made objects in the paintings. For example, when I wanted to draw train tracks or a fence with straight lines, I deliberately avoided the use of rulers. My hope was that by “eyeballing it” the final result would be an industrial-inspired pattern which had subtle variations, as opposed to the perfection which is the default for things made by machines. I tried, by intentionally limiting tools and techniques which could lead to perfect reproduction, to show the viewer a world as only an artist could create it. To use a computer, in particular, one would have to program in any imperfections- an extra step necessary to force the machine into an awkward and unnatural state. Art, on the other hand, should celebrate the fact that it is fully liberated from the need to reproduce with exactitude.

I think the title of this piece will be www.artmutt.blogspot.com, since it says that on the DADA sign. The circle of merchandising is complete! As for the painting, it's almost done.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rules For Everyone (Minna no ruuru)

I think this one is finally done. As usual, I'm not happy with all of it, but anything else I do will make it worse. (That, by the way, is how an artist knows when a piece is "done!")

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


New thesis work. As of yet, untitled and less than half finished. This is a close-up of one section.