Sunday, May 20, 2007

外人  (The Foreigner)

Gaijin (The Foreigner), originally uploaded by suelu23.

Gaijin (The Foreigner)
None of the animal characters seem connected to eachother; that is, they are involved in their own separate activities and not interacting other than to be on the same street at the same time. Except for their unanimous gaze towards the human in the corner. This unabashed interest separates them from the stranger in their midst.
I've done cell phones in the last few works. I think the portrayals of technology will become more ambiguous. Instead of cell phones, non-specific electronic gadgets. The "rules" signs are getting more abstract, too. My next one will have a sign on the trash can which says "No trash only." To me it sounds like a bad Japanese translation, but it's meant to just be ambiguous English.
I really like the shadowy foreground in this one. I'm not doing it in the one I just started, but I think I'll work it in to the next one. I like the evocative, poetic quality of the shadow space. Also it allows me to do more modeling without overpainting. At my last two crits, people really responded to the sketched parts of the pieces, but if the whole thing were like that it wouldn't stand out, or be able to hold its own. I like the combination of various treatments in one work, everything from bare paper to thick impasto.


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