Monday, March 05, 2007

1. buildings bland and boring. cookie-cutter. boxy. generic. could be homes or offices.
2. shadowy figures in front moving into or out of frame.
3. vending machines represent consumer culture. overabundance of choices. disposable materialism. overindulgence.
4. cell phones: texting or listening, not usually talking. (talking is more rude.) represents a disconnect from one's immediate surroundings; more interest in individual affairs (=subculture) than real life.
5. RULES. Negative but vague. Nanny state; Big Brother. Coerced safety.
6. man-made patterns: street markings, architectural, etc.
7. no attachment to characters other than as tools to tell the story.

drawing & acrylic washes.

first layer of oils.

I have to just add that I love that guy's hair so far and hope I don't fuck it up!


Blogger crows2 said...


The "oil sketch" figures are to see more of these "ghost-skeletal" type figures
in reference to the power of the comic image...

Martin DeWitt

3:45 AM  

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