Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Excerpt from a letter to Barbara Grossman

Referring to the previous post:
Dear Barbara,
As usual you are so observant. The foliage looks different because it is watercolor, and my intention was to paint over it in places (actually I was visualizing these neon-pink rings somehow) but now I think… it will get some drawing on top of it with white grease pencil. Also drawing in some other places, like the bicycle which you probably can’t even see! The white shape on the road is the Japanese for “STOP.” So it had to be there- I actually placed the green flag last when I did the composition. And moved it a few times. I was worried this composition is too obviously a triangle, but maybe it’s ok. Maybe the little circles everywhere counteract it.
So, here’s a new one, VERY early along. Only the first layer of paint with the main shapes blocked in, but I like this one so far. All these characters in the recent works are coming right from my sketchbook without modification. Wanna know how spoiled some of us artists have become? I wasn’t sure what color to make the snake in the lower corner, so I took a picture of the whole painting and Photoshopped different colors in until I decided on the teal. It took about 15 minutes. To think artists of yore would actually have had to just pick something. But that teal may change still...

Monday, January 15, 2007

No Title Yet- In Progress Still But Mostly Done

The things that are important in this painting: cell phones, signs with rules on them, the trash can that's not for trash. It's too cliched for me to say "I'm developing an artistic vocabulary" but these certainly are the images repeating themselves in my work lately. They all remind me of Japan. For those who are curious, the green banner says "Future."

mixed media oil on paper, 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 feet