Friday, April 14, 2006

Kyoto and Nara

Actually, I'm in Tokyo now, but spent the week seeing Kyoto- contemporary art, temples, and ancient Asian art- and Nara- deer and the giant Buddha temple. My tutor Mari's family have been showing me wonderful Japanese hospitality. Yesterday I went with her Mom to a local bath which had an electric pool- yes, it's just what it sounds like. I didn't have the nerve to try takoyaki, the regional delicacy of griddle-cooked octopus and dough balls. I don't like octopus, but they look so good! I changed my plans for this weekend and now I'm going back to Osaka tomorrow, so maybe I'll have some then. Between Osaka/Kyoto and Tokyo you ride on the shinkansen- the train that goes 200 miles per hour. It actually doesn't seem that fast, but you can tell it's faster than a regular train for sure! Well that's it for now.


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