Sunday, April 09, 2006

Black Eggs and Mount Fuji

Back in Shinjuku- Tokyo- after two days in Hakone at ryokans- Japanese-style inns. Hakone is touristy, but country, with beautiful rugged mountains and lots of cedars and also a volcanic dome. Which is where the sulfur mines are and the black eggs are made. Boiled in the hot springs, they turn black on the outside. Other than that, like a hard-boiled egg. Also had wasabi ice cream, which is pretty much like you'd imagine! The ryokans Manami and I stayed at each had onsen- baths, one natural hot spring, one not. But I liked the fake one better because it had a sauna too. The food was great, but way too much for me to eat all at once, and the schedule is very rigid considering how much you pay to stay there. We took a cable car across the mountain to get to the volcano, and as we crested the top, suddenly Mount Fuji appeared, and wow, it's incredible. The mountains we were in were already bigger than in North Carolina, but Fuji even at its distance dwarfed them all. After that, we came back to the city and went to the Ninja Restaurant for dinner with Manami's friend. It was expensive, but the price included some great entertainment, and the Ninja theme was done to perfection except that the music was the worst kind of elevator pop crap! Now I'm at a manga cafe, where you can rent manga and stay all night and obviously use the net. I have an hour to kill until I can check in at a capsule hotel (which also has a sauna!) and I just ran into a guy from San Fransisco, so we're gonna go out for a drink. And this cigarette smoke is killing me, so that's all for now. Sayounara!



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