Saturday, April 01, 2006

More From Japan

Yesterday I spent viewing the gorgeous cherry blossoms and shopping in Shinjuku. Then I met Manami for a movie which was so crowded we had to sit on the floor in the very front. Also had my first experience of the sardine-can trains- I never thought that many people could fit in a space that size. The day before, I had gone to an open-air museum in a nearby park with my Aunt Michelle and her 3 little kids. They wanted to go to Dennys for dinner so we did, but if we go out today I really need to get some sushi. The onigiri rice balls are good, but I havent had real sushi yet. Its a little cold here so I bought a sweatshirt that says something about it still being ok to import beef, and has cute cows on it. Also did karaoke the other night- this couple I met wanted to do "Stand By Me" so how could I say no? And the apostrophe on this keyboard isnt working anymore. And, my sister Kiki is pregnant, on a totally different note! But now Im off to somewhere...


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