Monday, August 08, 2005


I made it through the first semester! I can't wait to get back to my own kitchen and bathroom. Not to mention air conditioning. Although there were many annoyances, it was a good start to my re-education, mostly because of the visiting artists and the other students. Also, thanks to the good people at the Toe River Arts Council (especially Greg Stella, despite his affection for the Penguins, and Denise Cook, our local flutist) I will be receiving a scholarship of $665 for the next term! Yay! So now, I have to start the independent study part of my courses. The interesting thing will be setting up a website- or rather, finding someone to do it for me. I hope the local community college can help with that. And I hope to convince the school to let me take Japanese as a correspondence course. Well, that's it for now! I'll be back at my phone sometime the end of this week, for those of you who don't IM. Later!
p.s. why is October so far away?